Widget Wrangler

Widget Wrangler is a plugin for WordPress that gives administrators a clean interface for managing widgets on a page by page basis. On each page, you can control what widgets appear where.

With widgets as a post type, you have extreme control over the content of your widgets. The Presets feature in Widget Wrangler makes setting up and implementing multiple widget configurations a breeze.

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Widget Wrangler Features

Override Widgets Per-Page

Widget Wrangler Feature - Override Default Settings
Override default settings on a per-page basis, to customize pages for your site. Each page on your WordPress site can control what widgets appear and where. This is managed by a simple drag and drop interface that appears when editing a page.

Custom Widget Templates

Widget Wrangler Feature - Widget Templates
Do you have a widget on a specific post that you want to show up just a little differently? Lucky for you, Widget Wrangler lets you completely control the HTML of any given widget in a template. Templates can target all widgets, widget types and individual widgets. Template suggestions are hierarchical, so you can have the highest precision where you need it.

Copy WordPress Widgets

Widget Wrangler Feature - Clone WordPress Widgets
Got a favorite contributed WordPress widget? Use that widget with Widget Wrangler. Simply copy the WordPress widget into the Widget Wrangler’s interface, and it will be added to the list of manageable widgets on a page by page basis. Widgets designed for WordPress 3+ are able to be used with the ‘Copy WP Widget’ option in the Widget Wrangler menu. Widgets programmed for older versions of WordPress may not work.

Advanced Parsing

Widget Wrangler Feature - Advanced Parsing
Make a widget do what you want, when you want it. Parse PHP, custom HTML, whatever you need. There are two tokens available for the widget’s title and content that can be used to easily place those values within custom output.

Automatic Setup

Widget Wrangler Feature - Theme Setup
If you have a lot of Widgets and multiple regions for them save yourself some time with the theme setup. It automatically creates a widget corral in each region and makes a wrangleable copy of each widget you have set up. Take your setup from something you do over a cup of coffee to something you do over a blink or two.

Pre-configured Sets of Widgets

Widget Wrangler Feature - Presets
With Widget Wrangler Pro you can create your own presets. Need to update your widget configuration being used on hundreds of pages? No problem, that’s where Presets shine. Presets can be assigned anywhere the Wrangler appears. And as always presets can be overridden at the post or term level for maximum flexibility.

Widget Corrals

Widget Wrangler Feature - Corrals
When you wrangle your widgets you need a place to put them. Corrals are that place. Like a WordPress sidebar, a corral is a container for widgets. But unlike sidebars, you can place corrals right into your posts or move widgets between them on any page you’d like without making a new template.

Drag and Drop Interface

Widget Wrangler Feature - Drag and Drop Interface
With a simple drag and drop interface you can change the order of your widgets in corrals, move them or even remove the widget completely. Widget Wrangler gives you the power to arrange and rearrange widgets as you see fit, on every single page of your site.